Welcome to Alphabet Workers Alliance – a proof-of-concept site

UPDATE, December 27, 2020: You’re reading this page on alphabetworkers.net, the new home for content that used to live at alphabetworkers.org.

This alphabetworkers.net website is a proof-of-concept for an organization that would advocate for pro-worker and pro-stakeholder changes in Alphabet’s business practices. The organization doesn’t presently exist, but it could, if the reform movement chooses to bring it into existence. See section 3 of the Stepping Up Our Game essay for some discussion of what this type of organization could look like.

Dec. 27, 2020: I maintain a free, low-traffic one-way news summary email list called Alphabetworkers, which as of late 2020 resides on Substack. You can subscribe here, or read the FAQ. Anybody can sign up, or you can view the list content on the web.

Feb. 20, 2020 update: The November 2019 “Stepping Up Our Game: strategic recommendations to strengthen the Google reform movement” site launch essay now has its own separate page, and is also available via the “collected essays and documents” landing page.

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Email: info@alphabetworkers.net
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